13-Year-Old Golf Swing Analysis

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A breif vid of me hitting about a 240-yard draw – Comments on swing mechanics and fundamentals… Thanks.


Zubair Shaikh says:

Thumbs up if you are watching this legend in July 2017!

ilovedrinking Cloroxbleach says:

I'm the 667th comment and who else is watching this in 2017?

Desi Gamer says:

So that's how you started YouTube.!

Chirag Gamer1000 says:

wow so old videos and you never deleted it hats off

Centavo Nicart says:

Thumbs up if you are watching this legend in 2017!

The electrifying phenom says:

I am laughing so hard!

Shiro Fuji says:

Thumbs up if you are watching this is 2017. Now look at him. Genius!

aeabottss22 says:

240-yard drive for a 13-year-old with that technique? I call bull crap

Sanka Hattotuwegama says:

He lied this is his first vid

Kiel Enrique says:

Dear Marques, please show us your 2017 golf swing analysis. Thank you.

Kiel Enrique says:

It's 2017 people, why am I here?

Squido says:

13-Year-Old Golf Swing Analysis is a good video

hinimee says:


Leonidas mendrinos says:

I think I’ve broken the space time continuum

The Clash World- CR AND COC says:

do you still play golf, hello from Colombia marques

MCFC16 VLOGZ says:

00:00 a tech legend was born with a golf swing!

Nicolás Mejía. says:

Dope :). And cute :3.
I'm crazy for my test. I'm scared to lose. But… well, i think this going to be good.
Thanks M, thanks a lot.

Amiable Vikas says:

Watching this in 2017 ✌️😀

مستر سناك mr snack says:

Who is watching in 1917

James Wright says:

Came looking for s7 edge review…

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