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Piers Ward of Meandmygolf ask PGA Teaching Professional Hank Haney what his 3 best tips to help hit better drives

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Anthony Elliott says:

that video was great. any driving issues I have, I'll come back and listen to the relevant part from Hank. it's like a driving bible, it had everything, fix slices, fix hooks, stance, grip well done. is there more Hank videos

Darryl Day says:

Thank you so much. Very informative and scientific.

VWRabbit2008 says:

Hank got dropped by Taylormade. Ha

Chris Roman says:

What a great player and what simple explanations that are easy to understand and put into practise.

Mauricio Rojas says:

Great vid guys! As always finding great tips and knowledge form you..and now with Haney! great!

Colton Brendel says:

I don't know what the hate is about. He literally talked about the M1 for 1 minute, and then had some good advice

Matthew Collins says:

Seriously! You ask his top tips and he sells a driver. Always thought he was a poor coach, this confirms it for me

sontan3124 says:

thanks for the great video. I have a baby fade and i'm going to try swinging inside right and turn it into a baby draw!

Thanks for the info on the M1 driver…we all have a brain to decide if we want to buy it or not.

For those folks thinking that marketing a new product is a "bad" thing or "trying to sell us b/c they are on the payroll", what do you expect a company with a new product to do? Hide it and keep it a secret? Whether the sponsors (Hank) exaggerates or not, we can listen to what they say, try the club and decide for ourselves if this a purchase to make.

Anna E says:

The best advice

Michael Nevins says:

The Lake is one of the nicest courses in Connecticut.

Joshua Souber says:

What was the video with the PPL drill? Can't find it for the life of me!

Chris Walsh says:

what would be the difference of distance between any given iron with a 5yd draw and 5yd fade

강상빈 says:

hello to people here I want to ask if I'm progressing well cuz Ive been playing for a 1year and a half now and I usually shoot around low 80s and rarely high 70s.

Randsurfer says:

Nice video Piers, good fundamental golf info here. A couple of golfers behind Hank I see Monte Scheinblum (sp?). He also has some good golf knowledge and videos. Check him out.

The bullett FAMILY!!! x says:

Tuned in for a tip. Ended up getting sold for M1 and its old tech!!

agoona1 says:

Adjustability (equipment) is the first tip? really? I guess he got the corporate line in early I suppose

Ben Jackson says:

"yeah"- Piers Ward

Owen Davies says:

This sounds really stupid but when I read the title I thought Hank Haney was like an expression for a bad golf shot for example " wow that was such a Hank Haney" hahahahahah!

Niall Stark says:

Shame you guys weren't able to coordinate wardrobes (assume he didn't get the email)!

Rorybhoy2003 says:

For challenge Tuesday do 3 holes where every shot u hit u have a golf bag with clubs in it on ur back

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