Adam Scott on Longer Drives

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Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott recently checked in with Team Titleist to share a few keys on how to add a little extra distance off the tee.


Kyle Cawley says:

Makes it look like he's swinging at 30mph, unreal.

TheEvdoggy says:

So all I have to do is middle the ball every time with a ridiculously powerful and athletic swing? Thanks Adam!

Dreama40 says:

@rbkNG, You forgot to add 4 hours a day in the Gym as well as hitting 500 balls a day.

Tyler Munro says:

Adam truly does have the nicest swing on tour. 1:19

jochen487 says:

Why does it sounds and looks so easy, while it is extremely hard to copy ?

Rat454 says:

Such a nice swing

MulliganMiles says:

Check out my golfing videos if you like 🙂

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