Beginner Golf Instruction Clinic & Open Forum

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Casey Bourque, PGA Professional gives a clinic to beginner golfers in Phoenix, Arizona. Casey discusses details of setup, posture, alignment and answers a few questions from the group. Visit or to see and read more. Comments, questions, Subscribes & Likes are always welcome!

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Charlie Muchwano says:

Great trainer post more videos

Peter Shaw says:

can't hear shit with that background noise

amir abd aziz says:

Nice 6 steps golf lesson.

Franziska Wüstholz says:

Very well explained – that's a good teacher!

Simon Evans says:

Hi Casey,  I am brand new to golf.  Any tips on equipment?  Are beginner sets good enough?  

Matt Carroll says:

Good explanation on set up.  I've been playing since I was 5 and can't remember for the life of me any techniques I was taught.  My dad just always said, "You're a natural." So, now being 32 years old and many of my friends looking to me for golf tips/lessons, I struggle to tell them what to do.  I'm no scratch golfer, shooting in the 80's, but out of my friends, I'm considered pro… HA HA..  There are so many fundamentals of golf, just to hit that little tiny ball into a hole, but that's what makes the game so fun & frustrating at times.  I feel more confident in my lessons moving forward after watching this video.  My next lesson is to teach my mother in law, who has never held a golf club, how to golf.  So, this will be a great reference video for her and I to watch together and apply it on the range.  Thanks!

Eddie Hsu says:

really good explanation i certainly learned much from this video, however the audio and sound is very fuzzy.

Robert's Property Management says:

Thanks, appreciate it! Seeing an improvement..

Casey Bourque says:

The club (and your arms) will remain on plane with correct setup and without compensating moves. By this, I mean be sure that your body lines are parallel left, stance athletic, proper spine tilt, and good balance. The spine generally the axis around which the golf swing takes place (simply speaking), keep your spine angle constant throughout the swing, without lifting or dropping the arms and you'll have a good chance of keeping the club on track.

Robert's Property Management says:

How do you ensure that your arms ( when swinging ) always travel on the plane of the imaginary disc?

wacky penguins says:

This video is great

Dan Anderson says:

This video answers (with brilliant clarity) a lot of questions I have on the course, but forget by the time I get home. Thank you.

Jon Schaefle says:

This video is amazing! I'm never satisfied with being told to stand or swing in a certain way "just because" Thank you for giving me the reasoning behind each part of the stance, and breaking it down so I can figure out where I can improve.

Casey Bourque says:

Thanks…the game is tough enough…always try to boil it down to simplest fundamentals…maybe unless you're playing/practicing full time. Thx for the feedback.

Ajisafe segun says:

this is about the simplest way to be thought. I perfectly grab the illustrations.
thank you casey

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