Beginner Golf Lessons That Work By Rotary Swing

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In this beginner golf video, will show you a simple way to develop a golf swing that has power and proper sequencing to help you maximize your clubhead speed and consistency.

You’ll learn a drill that will have you focus on 2 key moves in the golf swing.


Denis Prieur says:

Hi again Cris! Since i've applied your right shoulder- right toe drill, i have no more over the top swing, but since i've completly changed my swing, now i relie on my torso pivot to bring my arm in the slot, but holy cow!!!! now suddenly i have a killer duck hook, espescially with the driver!! My irons are not that bad with a nice draw, but sometime a little to much! Any advice Cris????

Denis Prieur says:

I've struggled with an over the top swing all my golf life! And even though i managed to keep a 4 to 5 handicap with that out to in swing! You're right shoulder and right toe trick as been like a big flash light in a big black tunnel for me, and i'm not a beginner! THAT is a defenite fix for me! NO MORE OVER THE TOP!A MILLION THANK'S TO CRISS TYLER AND THE ROTARY SWING TEAM! A MILLION THANK'S !

Lena Ingraham says:

This makes so much sense
Thank you!!!

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