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Billy Horschel has a fantastic example of a modern rotation swing. In this video Dan analyses Billy’s swing and takes a look at what you can learn from the PGA Tour professional.

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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Dan Whittaker says:

Skip ahead to 4:52 to find out which parts of Billy's swing you can put into your game…

Derrick Conley says:

You sir, have the best videos on YouTube.  Love your instruction and detail.  Thanks for your work.

Steve Olander says:

Love it. Pivot and club shallow vids are always a hit.

Philip Palmer says:

World class tips Dan.

Tim Ball says:

Hi Dan. Great content as always! Interested in the comment about Billys arm to body proportions. What are the different tendencies for someone with long legs and shorter arms versus the opposite? Cheers.

hbyrdut says:

Can you limit the left knee movement and still get a big enough hip turn? It seems to me that the more you turn your hips the more the left knee will move in.

Shigeharu Shimizu says:

Thank you, Dan. It's still difficult to get how to make weight shift from a right foot to the left. For iron swing, it looks weighing 60% on left at finishing. For driver, it looks 70 to 80%. Would it be right that weighing on left differently between iron and driver?

Howie Land says:

I particularly liked how you showed not just the benefit of a flared left foot, but then demonstrated the potential problem of a left foot set square. It's that extra detail that I appreciate in your videos. Thx, Dan!

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