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Check out Shawn’s take on Brandel Chamblee’s (from Golf Channel) recent article on golf instruction in GOLF magazine!


Sheila Munson says:

This is great! I find that when my focus isn't out to the target, I usually miss in some degree. Thanks

Jon Lefebvre says:

Here is Chamblee's book that Shawn was talking about for around $10:

These guys are legit — I buy books from them all the time. They even have Hogan's book for $5.

Richard Bruss says:

Corey Pavin had a dip move to create a bigger arch, left heel off of the ground, replant the left heel then swing down and through. It may work for a low handicapper; but 3 mill people enter this game , and 3 mill leave the game every year, death, health, you name it, some just watch some of these ridiculous videos and can't do the moves they show! and are even more confused, and give up all together; when they can't break 100, or their scores resemble their bowling scores!

whetedge says:

"Throwing the club" is one of the best drills anyone can do. It gives you the feel of brace without thinking of how you are bracing. Just take that feel to the swing and don't quite let go of the club.

tomi hunter says:

Shawn, to prevent reverse pivot and going over the top I transfer my weight to the inside of the right foot (the column) and then release the power to my target. transferring my weight into the left side which lowers my left heel automatically, and wallop:) cheers:)

Morten Riise-Hanssen says:

The human body is not brilliant due to 4 million years, sir. The credit goes to God, your Creator whose brilliance made us this way from the beginning, 6 thousand years ago. Thank you for great teaching. God bless.

Donal Mooney says:

So Fucki*g GOOD. I'm sorry for the expletive but with shear joy at what i wanted to express it just came out, this video is so good, and as a release exercise it should be given with every club purchase

P SMITH says:

IMHO , the modern swing is create stretching of muscles as the backswing progresses. Old swing is shift/turn your entire body slightly more behind the ball from address as you load into inside of rear leg ,create stretch factor only during 'transition lateral/turn' just before the backswing reaches the top. Whether you lift your lead heel to avoid 'premature stretch' in the backswing is dependent on your flexibility and other factors in your set-up. The transition move is where the power is generated from and its the moving and stretching of your lead side muscles as far away from your hands just before it reaches the top of the backswing.

Matthew says:

Shawn, Killer instruction.
I'm glad I found this channel. I've been a static golfer for so long, and my back is getting sore and it doesnt feel as natural as when I do your drills. Have you ever heard of Count Yogi? He seems to have a very loose and rhythmic swing too, maybe do a piece on him, he has negative leg in the take away which is free flowing, and I like the feeling, is that ok to do? Oh, and here is something related to this.

Gilberto Ayala says:

Hope to see you on Golf Channel soon. You are much easier to understand than many of their guest instructors

chris chambers says:

This is brilliant, i noticed this myself when i swing it well. Yes im looking down at the ball before i swing the club but my minds eye is thinking about the shot shape and how i want the ball to start. Im swinging the club through the ball and extending the arms through impact. I think it helps so much thinking of the shot shape u want to hit that way you can paint the ball around the course and let it rip

Steve Butel says:

Shawn – I bought your 5 DVD set in 2014 and watched them but didn't incorporate your swing thoughts into my swing until a few weeks ago. I recently watched some of your new videos (well done on the weight loss) and I've noticed that you no longer seem to toss the club into the backswing like you teach on your DVD's – why the change and when did you change from a toss to a slow take away?

Thomas Fraser says:

….there is equally a forceful reaction…

Thomas Fraser says:

Shawn, not only do our minds and body instinctively know what to do but physic plays and important part in our golf swing as well. For example for every action( throwing the club back their is equals a forceful reaction( throwing our club forward). Even in golf may the force be with you

Paul Booij says:

I was in a room of golf instructors once and Bubba hit a 320 yard drive on TV and everyone laughed and said "Dont try and swing like that guy". I was the only one trying to do it. and it worked. i almost hit someone on the other side of the range.

Frank Mcchrystal says:

Shawn, you are on fire. Maybe the tide has finally turned. It will still take some time because way too many will not enjoy wiping the egg off their face and would rather dig in their heels.

Compu Rat says:

Hi Shawn: Is your lifting the left heel during back swing a "new thing" for you ?
Thanks and cheers !

gmonkey808 says:

Whenever I see a Shawn Clement swing it reminds me of the legendary Bobby Jones. Wrecking ball takeaway, big hip turn and left knee action. Do you like Bobby's swing Shawn?

Jonathan Gonzales says:

Can't wait to see Shawn following grow after that golf article 😀 well deserved. #Waggle4TheWin

Mohanjit Singh says:

Hi Shawn,
I continue to work on my focus for a target. When I line up for a fade and release to the target, my ball flight starts somewhat left of the intended target which I had tried to see in my head.

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