Workout For Golf Increase golf swing speed and athletic fitness ability with this circuit of exercises to improve strength, mobility and power for golf. Alex Fortey demonstrates the golf workout. Athletic golf training [More] – Sean Cochran – Sports Performance Coach – Medicine Ball Kneeling Side Throw for Rotary Power in the Golf Swing. Kai Fusser of Kai Fitness for Golf demonstrates the golf exercise called ‘Cable Hip Rotation’. This golf exercise will help you learn how to rotate your hips. If you have an issue not rotating [More]
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Easiest Golf Exercise from this will help build your rotation, upper back strength, mobility and separation. This will improve your flexibility for golf and general movement with this easiest golf exercise, even the laziest [More] An Exercise for golf to increase golf swing speed, consistency and power. Learn more here; The Standing Tubing archers exercise for golf above will increase power, explosiveness and flexibility. All important for a [More]
Here’s some exercise which are great to improve core strength/stability and your golf performance. Here are just a few basic exercises that you can do to improve your golf game and your overall health with the equipment at the gym. Mike touches on a few machines at Dove [More]
Series 2 on how you can create more power and hit longer drives.