Golf-Lessons-Instruction-approach-shot-Workshop-80-Yards How to start the back swing correctly on plane and what errors to look for.
Instruction from greatest professionals ever
In my second lesson with my swing coach Dan Whittaker we introduce a deeper hip turn to prevent swaying and look at my transition. It builds upon the left shoulder turn and left wrist set [More]
Mike’s new teaching site is live at Come join us. – Meet LPGA Teaching Professional, Lori Brock. If you are looking for the best golf instructor in the San Diego area, Lori Brock is the person to call. In this short video, you’ll meet [More]
Hands on golf lessons prank with Chester Feltersnatch. Get the Sharter here In this video Golf pro Chester Feltersnatch gives a lesson on where all the power comes from. My wife Christine plays the [More]