Katherine Roberts is Founder and President of Yoga for Golfers and the Roberts Flex-Fit Method. A Nike Swoosh Elite athlete, Roberts’ unique approach to golf conditioning is a hybrid of western bio-mechanical research and eastern [More]
http://www.golfersedgept.com.au/ Golf Specific Fitness & Exercise, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Power, Nutrition This exercise quickly builds better balance in each leg, while in golf posture.
http://toledoohiogolflessons.com Fred Altvater shares tips to help you improve your short game
http://toledoohiogolflessons.com Fred Altvater shares how to stay behind and extend your golf swing for better results
Demi Runas (LPGA professional golfer) demonstrating a 1/2 kneeling rotation drill that is perfect for your pre-round routine.
The golf swing requires good proprioception because it’s impossible to watch the movements of every body part involved and watch the ball. Here are two body-weight exercises you can do that will improve your awareness [More]
Tammy Randolph does a great job at the Rec Center. Here’s a class she did for the Spring Island women who leave during the summer and wanted to continue their Golf Workout up north.
Welcome to a new series of golf-fitness tips brought to you by Les Mills and New Zealand Golf. Les Mills Learning and Development Manager Ish Cheyne and Dominic Sainsbury, the Education Manager of the PGA [More]