Chipping From Deep Rough Golf Lesson

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Chipping From Deep Rough Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield from Desert Springs Golf Club in Spain. Learn how to hit a short just off the green chip shot and get the ball close from heavy deep rough. Lower your handicap with simple and easy to use and understand gold instruction, tips and drills from Mark Crossfield the AskGolfGuru.


John Clark says:

class that Mark. a forgotten art. no pictures on a scorecard. whatever it takes. REEESPECT.john.

Tashi Sherpa says:

if you're ever in the sand and have openings where the grass edge doesn't push the ball back to the sand then feel free to use the putter with the good control speed and see it roll on the Green

Dmitri Markine says:

It works!! πŸ™‚

Anas Patel says:

Great tip Mark πŸ‘πŸ»cheers mate

Frederick Sharon says:

the shot is called a "Texas Wedge", very well known in this area because that shot is common around here. : )

Deonanan Persaud says:

Use a hybrid if you got one. Better feel and control with hybrid.

lovetogolf says:

Excellent tip, i tried this before and it sure does help, but not results like yours!! Awesome

J Lomax1911 says:

Never seen anything like this will try.

P SMITH says:

worth a try , but unsure whether it would work if it was downhill on a fast green with the hole 5-7 ft away.

PkGam says:

Interesting "chip" of sorts! I never thought that a putter would pop it out like that.

konartis8108 says:

I do this with a hybrid

Douchy69 says:

Good tip but..

isn't the title misleading? It seems like what you really did there was just a strange Putting technique from off the green. I personally am looking for how to actually use a wedge to chip out of rough to a tight pin, would have been nice if you included the more traditional method. Thanks tho! seems cool

jonp3347 says:

Have u seen the shot where one turns the putter 90 degrees and chips with just the end of the putter. Tiger played it in one of the last tourneys he won

gmonkey808 says:

maybe Trevino said it as a joke. i dunno !

gmonkey808 says:

nope. called that because of Texas hardpan not rough.

StankPunatra says:

Cool little tip

Irish Brah says:

Nice tip mark will try this !

mynusss says:

I gotta try this and see if it will work with my center shaft.

DMACK1981 says:

Wow. That's a nice tip. Thanks!

Brian Cook says:

That's why the putter is sometimes referred to as the "Texas wedge".

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