Chipping Sodbury Playing Lesson Part 2

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Chipping Sodbury Playing Lesson Part 2 with Mark Crossfield , james Dimond and James Wiltshire otherwise know as the Gorilla. Watch them play around this parkland course just outside Bristol and see if they make par, birdie or worse. Improve your golf game with easy to follow and understand golf lessons, tips and instructions.


Matt Andersen says:

Too bad the gorilla can't dial in consistent distance with his shorter clubs. Instead he just spends all of his time in the gym trying to get 9 irons to go 182 yards. The score card doesn't care how far you hit each club, especially when you get an 8.

headdownharris says:

classic, eh.

S. SH says:

Wondering what Gorilla's swing weight was with that driver?

MindBending Studios says:


Ethan Bird says:

I don't drop hahaa 

Matthew Collins says:

Lets see gorilla hit one in a gorilla outfit

kevin webb says:

Great video as always, Mark. Which model of Go Pro camera do you use?

FPSWordle says:

Gorgeous golf course.

Peter P says:

Hi, mark I love to watching playing golf with your friends…

Neil J says:

These 'playing on course' videos are terrific, it's like being there! Great work; thanks.

Peter D says:

I'd love Gorilla's long game, but I'll keep my short game, thanks very much!

Dan Nahirny says:

The gorilla is a hack!!!!

ih8pikeys says:

I see why you call him Gorilla…

crisisofconsciousness says:

nice watching the girls play

tmonatr says:

Man……those TW shoes are ugly. I sure hope they're comfortable.

Rusty Bedpost says:

Nik – he got relief because it was a staked tree. Generally local rules will allow relief from staked trees

Cup of Gold says:

Is it true the lad in the pink shirt was in the big break USA vs Europe?

Nik says:

hi mark i have a ruling question. one of these videos there was a tree in your down swing and you said in the video you got relief from it. i was wondering what ruling that was? i am in school for golf and my teacher didnt know the ruling so i was wondering what it was?
keep up the great vids thanks

ZeroSumJ1 says:

Gorgeous course

kartik nadan says:

hey loving these types of videos mate!!! but we need some more of this playing lessons , keep doing it mate 🙂 cheers

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