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In this video I stress the importance of using the legs in the swing. If you have stiff legs you are doomed.

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AnEnormousBBFan says:

There are savants who, inexplicably, can hear anything and then play it perfectly on the piano.  I believe Moe Norman was a savant, too — at golf.  He did it his way and no one will ever do it like he did.  He had as great an understanding of how to hit a ball as anyone ever did or ever will, as far as I'm concerned.

poe's ReLiC says:

the truth about golf is that no swing model is the same for everyone….

frank hoxsey says:

I do my "Furyk" drill whenever I feel like my body doesn't move first. ultimately I look nothing like Jim Furyk when I swing but, I feel like my lower body is way out front and turning.

Carl Broadbent says:

Moe played the course not his ego. He wasn't the longest hitter but he hit something like 90% of greens in regulation. He would say ' im not the longest hitter but im the straightest ' I wish I had seen him play in real life

BigBlueMSP says:

Moe is a true legend who got crapped on because no one knew anything about his autism let alone what it was.

Ligerpride says:

Moe Norman, fantastic.

ggggggg says:

I could not agree more with you on this, I think you covered it very well

sypen1 says:

I honestly believe intentionally starting the swing with the lower body will cause a lot of problems like getting stuck resulting to snap hooks or blocks. If you initiate with your arms your lower body fires first anyway and ur swing is more in sync.

Raphael Ange says:

plz stop mode dat camema !

sandman4224 says:

Are you ever going to feature Mike Austin?

Kyle Fairbanks says:

Moe Norman was a genius of golf simple as that

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