Control Your Iron Shots Golf Lesson

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Control Your Iron Shots Golf Lesson. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks about controlling your irons with speed and loft. This is a common issue with handicap golfers who are often just looking to hit the golf ball at one speed. Playing with speed, spin and trajectory is a real skill that more golfers need to have the confidence to play with. Lower your golf scores with practical golf lessons that will help all standards of golfer.

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Shaun Gatt says:

need more of these vids

BillyP1390 says:

check the sunburn out you must have walked past coaches wedges

Nick Fernley says:

I very much enjoy your videos Mark. Would you mind explaining what you mean by a "pattern"?

anthony tomasiello says:

Guys you're killing me. Less talk and more instruction

B Hull says:

"Lesson on top of a win"… Classic

Rory W says:

Moe, Larry, & Curley !

Jenks says:

Mark… You mention a cut shot a lot can you please do a video explaining what this means.. Or is this something you have already covered if so can you point me in the right direction… Ta very much Tom.

Mr Mr says:

lockey is the maaaan

Sir_Godz says:

when did the unibomber get out of jail?

Krish Nathan says:

I would argue This is quite a good skill for wedges and in between yardage a, as well as to tune trajectory and spin

David Fagan says:

Thanks for this Mark. I've always liked the ideas you guys have in your vlogs about "funking it." More about playing golf than playing golf swing. Seems like it is easy to forget that nowadays. People are so concerned about how far they hit their club, instead of understanding that a given club has a huge range of distance depending on the way it is struck.

Adam Flynn says:

when it comes to magic only our glorious leader can produce it…and that north Korean leader who according to state media played an 18 hole championship course off the backs tees in 18 shots ( I kid u not that's really what they claimed and 1 hole was almost 600 yards long hahaha)

Alan Heseltine says:

Good win for the Army Matt #cutmywin

Burkey98 says:

all i could think when Rory said about pulling it was that 2 iron at the belfry

Robin Greenberg says:

Did you guys forget the sun cream

Paul Scheuer says:

No one out funks Commander Lockey! I play like this all the time. The look of confusion on my playing partners' faces when I tell them I'm playing 2 or 3 more clubs than they are is priceless. #inyourhead #lockeyarmy

GrandmasterN says:

Could one not just have "dead" hands to not pull it? That feeling seems to work for me, when trying that sort of thing.

Andy Titcomb says:

The coach once again dominates ! Good job !

Charles Farley says:

Well soft my chrome…I'm going to practice that.

David Manuele says:

Win for the Army! #LockAndLoad

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