DIY weighted golf club – How To

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Instructional video how to build your own diy golf swing training aid. The DIY weighted golf club can help your develop a better golf swing.


Sean Redman says:

Sound like ya like in a great area of America!!!

cavwa fair says:

Where is the video on how to remove the price tag?

tkenni says:

This whole time, I thought this was a counter balancing video for clubs.  The whole time I was sitting here saying "no way that fits inside a shaft… no way."  ha!  great video for training though.  Gonna have to pick this up

solidcontactgolfing says:

No reason other than the fact that I don't really do club repair, so I don't really have any extra grips. It was just easier to let someone else do it.

Ken Gardner says:

Great idea, just wondering why you did not install the grip yourself.

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