Draw and Fade Your Golf Shots Facts

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Draw and Fade Your Golf Shots Facts with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about hitting shaped shots, draws and fades, hooks and slices and how you could be getting it all wrong with your swing ideas. Bubba Watson winning the Masters with large draws and fades, learn how to shape the golf ball like Bubba. Play your best golf with Marks simple and easy to understand golf lessons, tips and drills.


Charles Goddard says:

Do you try to hit the ball at 7 o'clock for a draw and 5 o'clock for a fade or aim square and leave the movement to the swing plane?

Rob McGarr says:

Top notch video

Scotty Jt says:

Great video mark, went to the range yesterday to try this out and worked great, hopefully I can get my handicap down a couple of shots this year

Mark Lester says:

hi mark,
great videos. very enlightening. my question is that i can play a nice draw shot with my irons and rescue clubs but when i try to hit a draw with driver it fails every time. the ball travels straight right with no draw.

i hit my draw shot by aiming right of target with club face slightly closed of this. hardly ever fails except with the big stick. any ideas what i could be doing wrong?
regards mark 'hatchet' lester

Ride TheSpiral says:

Hey Mark. This video just solved the inconsistency I was having off the tee. I hit quite a straight ball but was losing it with a bit of slice off the tee a lil more then you'd like. I had been taught previously to stand the same as you say to but to come around my body like you said Not To Do! I wish I had found this one earlier. I can now hit an accurate draw or fade whenever I need it. Well, most of the time anyway. Hitting so much further off the tee now that I can pull out a nice lil draw. Thanks for the tip. 50 bucks to hit over the highway!⛳

charlize841 says:

Mark, this is an old video and I am just seeing it. I'm somewhat confused here. A fade is produced by an outside-in impact with the ball, imparting a spin to the ball. A draw is produced by an inside-out impact. You accomplish this with opening or closing your club face and your address. I can do so with an upper swing path or a lower swing path, either aiming right of center or left of center of the ball. I'm not sure why you are suggesting that it doesn't work? Frankly, I've tried your technique and it just results in a pull or push for me.

dizzychizzy says:

4:50 Illuminati confirmed…

Nigel Day says:

Excellent Mark , this is something I've been trying , and you pouched on 'lie' angle .. Adjustable drinkers I'd loft and face angle affect the lie so much , so much so a 4' lie angle can change a hook to a slice with the same swing path .

steven barrett says:

I'm new to your videos Mark. Really helpful tips as I've always struggled to draw the ball. Always thought the rounder flatter swing was the way. How wrong was I? Recently dropped handicap from 18 to 13. With these new practising tips, maybe more to come. Thanks.

l says:

Top Man!!! very very impressive on your knowledge

Michael brundage says:

Took this to the range today and man it worked wonders thank you! I've never heard/seen it thought this way and it definitely works and allows you to work the ball with control rather than a slice/hook. Thanks from the States Mark!

Liria Echarri says:

Mark, regarding your comment about the pencil pointing the same way when the hoop is flatter or steeper, I believe it is quite different when you take into account the fact that impact is not at the low point. When you hit with the driver, you do so in an upward fashion and a few inches from the bottom of the arc.

Still, I agree that this video is among your best and very helpful. Thank you once again.

Laurent Span says:

Hey Mark, great video! I am a +1.5 handicap with my lowest score being 66. I am trying to play D1 College golf in the states. However, recently IVe been struggling with accuracy off the tee and I wanted to know if you think that shaping every shot off the tee is better off than picking a target off the tweet and firing at it.

Matt Johnson says:

Finally! This makes so much sense, over the past 3 weeks I've been spending so much time trying to work out reliable and easy ways to draw and fade the ball with not much result. This actually has helped so much in trying to keep the ball in play off the tee! Awesome tips man, keep it up! Subbed for sure

Brad Mellon says:

Shop Shaping 😉

James Brady says:

blah blah blajh blah blah blah blah blah

amanda lambert says:

Another great video Mark.  Thanks.

texaswildhunter says:

As Mark explained these techniques are the way to go. I like making a simple finish move to reinforce what I'm trying to do when drawing or fading. I try to hit the top of my hat with the shaft or just over when hitting a fade and hit the base of my neck when drawing. Trying to change swing plane to draw or fade will only lead to problems. Unless you're Bubba like minded.

MickyP4 says:

great info !!!   a bit to complicated for me  with all the numbers & & degrees ect ,

Paul Stewart says:

One thing that I think everyone misses out on these tips is where the ball should be for both shots. Same just inside of left heel?

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