Driver Tee Height Golf Lesson

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Driver Tee Height Golf Lesson with National Club Golfer talking about tee shots and how to improve your golf game. Mark Crossfield PGA professional is talking golf tee shots and tee height around lowering your scores on the golf course. Play your best golf with simple and effective golf lessons, tips and drills with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield.


TheHabiat says:

@mark crossfield
do you vary the height of the tee when playing into or down wind?

Santiago De Ponce says:

Mark you are an absolute treat to listen/view……Thanks for all of your candor and honesty.

Tommy Boyd says:

oh to be able to hit a drive so straight. ..suppose I'll just keep trying.

Justin King says:

Now that is what you call middled, yes please

Richard Hayes says:

Great video Mark. Only thing I could think to add is to use the creases in your fingers to tee the ball to a consistent height. For instance, my standard tee height is the 2nd crease (middle knuckle) of my index finger. Occasionally, I might tee it about 1/4" lower if I'm trying to lower the flight or hit it with a more neutral or descending attack angle.

WoodyLongone says:

For me this progressed a little too much high and.. therefore inch by inch forward in stance.. at worst the ball position went a couple inches outside of the front toe. I heard a good tip about the ball setup from a nice lady but was too much a mr d*ck that just didn't listen. Sometimes I managed to escape from slices if I was sliding aggressive enough and so on getting the face path square with club path. It was a relief to find that I had room still to swung more consistent swing with a gentle draw just by adjusting the ball height and ball placement at setup more closer to middle. Sometimes when driver in hand the proportions get out of realism and it's easy to think a like a giant or monster 😀

FreakLiveTV says:

well a factor to tee height, is your foot placement to the ball.. Is the ball inside or outside of your lead foot

nigel brooks says:

orange castle every time

Jon Doe says:

Is there a maximum regulation tee length?

Sven Hallauer says:

Love to see that the Mizuno is back in play.

Mike White says:

Fairway finder tee it low , out to in slightly in the heel, open fairway high tee and rip

PkGam says:

I teed it high because I hit up on it. It made the most sense to me when I thought about the swing because when the lowest point is a few inches before the ball, it needs to be higher to be at the point when the club would come into contact with it.


Tee it high. Watch it fly. 😊 ⛳

headdownharris says:

Yes please. Thank You. 🙂 LOL

chaveznieves says:

I change my tee height depending on the shot I want to hit. I can hit the fairway almost every time with a low tee, ball a little closer to middle than front foot, hit downish/levelish, get a nice low cut rolling out 220-240. 180-200 left to the green: perfect for my bogey golf. 3 or 4 times a round, I'll need a little more distance, I'll put it up to the half-ball above the crown, tilt the shoulder, ball at the front foot, and I'll hit up on it and try to smash a high draw. then I've probably got about a 1/3 chance of a 250 carry in the fairway. The rest are wicked snap hooks. I'm still working on it. If I'm not driving well I'll always resort to the baby cut. It's easy and natural, just…lame.

Frederick Sharon says:

Mr. Parfield aka "the man", I have been watching and taking yours and Matt's advice on the thoughts and approach to being a better player, with that said, I have been playing fairly dedicated for the last 15 years, with spurts of seven days a week playing and practicing… recently, a few months ago I shot my first hole in one, broke 80 twice and shot two Eagle; just last week I pared the first seven holes and boogied 8 and 9 and finally ended with an 80. I now normally play three times a week and for the last two weeks my scores have been under 83; last wednesday i shot another 80 and an Eagle, today I shot a 38 on the front with one Birdie and a 39 on the back with an Eagle and a birdie… my handicap appears to be going to a 10 or 11 or better and I do attribute it to this forum and knowledge thru your talking the game while playing… and keeping my head down really helps and I hit the ball longer that anyone I play with, the over 60 group, I will be 70 in June and still hit it 260 to 300, and my short game is my strong suit. Happy in Texas watching you guys across the sea.

ajh21313 says:

Mark, when are you gonna try the Callaway SubZero driver?

Charles Farley says:

Well that was simple…thank you for that.

Chris Perez says:

Does this rule of thumb apply to junior golfers? (7-10 years old) Thanks!

Adam Flynn says:

I tee it up but sometimes have an annoying habit of letting it creep a smidgen too far forward in my stance so still get a few bottom groovy hits when I do that…just lack of concentration so it annoys the hell outta me when I do that 👍

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