Ernie Els Demonstrates the Art to a Great Swing

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PGA Tour pro golfer Ernie Els shows us how to have a great golf swing and also chimes about his pro career.


coffeefish says:

Ernie reminds me of John Wayne.


Els tip on brush the grass on take back really gives a good extension rather than pick up

M.J. Green says:

The further you get under pressure, the more your faults are going to come out into the open.- Els.

Rameshta Kotha says:

love this guy

shinzon k says:

seems like a really cool guy

Giancarlo Bocchi says:

this is the guy… this is swinging… great Ernie!

brykidla says:

He's looking like Liam Neeson as he gets older.

lambert1702 says:

Always liked Ernie!

Alex B 36 says:

Can he demonstrate the art to great putting now?

JayZoop says:

I've found that putting weight on the BACK HEEL produces a tremendous amount of power. Trying to find weight on the toes area is nothing but trouble.

JayZoop says:

Notice how his right elbow is connected to his hips. When his hips turn his elbows turn with it. Feel that the elbows are part of your body. Then the lagged club comes in after.

gmonkey808 says:

Els swing is like butter. None smoother imo

fdllicks says:

i followed him in 1998 when I was a sophomore in college at a tournament in Orlando. it was probably the most educational thing for my golf game ever. tempo tempo tempo.

Marlin Stoegger says:

Followed him at the Canadian open pro am 2015. The classiest most gracious professional to the fans we ever witnessed. Smooth as silk with the softest touch around the greens. Excellent video.

TheBUCKNASTY101 says:

Shoot 75 hes an asshole lmao great stuff!!!!

Erich Tuppinger says:

great story teller and fantastic swing in almost slowmotion

Draadkar007 says:

Lekker babbelas Ernie 🙂

topneorej says:

Without a ball my swing looks exactly like a professional's. And then there is the ball…

James Horan says:

Played Troon last month.  That's where this avatar was taken.  Asked the starter, "Where did Ernie hit it with a baseball swing out of the gorse and still make par?  It was the railroad hole #11.

Daniel Morris says:

Els for Autism?

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