Free Secret Golf Tips : The Baseball Swing in Golf

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Learn golf tips for beginners, such as the baseball swing, in this free instructional video series on baseball swing and golf technique and curing your golf swing.

Expert: Jay Golden
Bio: Jay Golden has been a PGA Member since 1982 and was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin


Evan Huber says:

This is great advice for feel type golfers. Take something you can already do and apply it to your golf swing. Lots of people like myself don't learn by mechanics, its feel and visualization that make the difference. If it works do it………..end of story!

tooclose 2detroit says:

i started using a baseball swing on the course a few years ago, and as long as i aim somewhat to the right, and try not to murder the ball, it works great–puts a nice draw on the ball, and i make terrific contact.

dlaird8 says:

This is actually a good tip. The golf swing is essentially a baseball swing on a different plane. One of my swing thoughts is how visualizing chopping down a tree with an axe.

Izzy Wizzy says:

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gp680 says:

why cant I imagine spin that globe it worked on his last video but know my ball is *uckin embedded in the trees on the left.

OnePlaneSpartan329 says:

Ay yo! Get outta heaya!

znov400 says:

gosh ur a dumbass. i wonder how many swings ur killing with ur stupid advice

ajmchief says:

No, don't make your baseball game try and work for golf. They are different. Learn a real golf swing.

Dennis FOG says:

wtf what´s about this baseball/golf bat?

Brett Collins says:

somebody get this guy some valium!!!!!

Luckygpg2847 says:

didnt learn anything

qrrbrbirbel2 says:

then you're a harry potter character that never made it into the books 😛

Travis McGee says:

AndJust…..He may be a member of the PGA but he does a poor job instructing on this video. The baseball swing is correct, but not for the reasons he mentioned. It's more of getting your hips through before you clubhead impacts the ball.
He leaves out so much. Like HOW your body and swing make the ball go toward the 'pitcher', or your target.
At least in this video he really shows nothing of importance.

AndJusticeForMe says:

I love how all the wanna-be's and never-will-be's criticize this instructor. This guy is PGA qualified and is trying to keep it simple for beginners. The ones who criticize are the ones who suck the most. Remember, playing Tiger Woods PGA on XBOX doesn't make you an expert on the golf swing.

nickblaze420 says:

hahahah bonar hahahahahah

cardinalcrazy09 says:

probably the most incorrect explanation of a golf swing ive ever heard. just be relaxed and hit the ball. its not that hard.

rob j says:

this guy is retarded

Cameron Matthews says:

hes not using a baseball swing

Jet Li says:

This guy got it all wrong!! It is OK to use the baseball swing for golf only if the shaft is making contact with the ball, but it's not!!! The club head is making the contact, and that is what the equivalence of a baseball bat should be. Check out AJ Bonar's videos. He's got it dead on!

djtblizzle says:

You guys are all missing the point! He's not at all comparing a baseball swing to a golf swing. Pay attention to the video. What he is saying is that if VISUALIZATION helps you gain CONFIDENCE in your swing then USE IT. That's why he also mentioned bowling and tennis. This video has NOTHING TO DO WITH SWING TECHNIQUE. It has to do with finding what is comfortable for you, and gaining confidence when holding the club. You gain confidence with "knowing" where the ball is "coming from." Wow…

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