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PGA Professionals Piers Ward And Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf give a golf swing analysis to a youtube subscriber and show a golf drill to help gain more power in the golf swing


BrentV14 says:

According to what I was taught, if the handle of the club, from set up position, is allowed to drop onto the front leg, it should touch 1-2 inches above the knee cap. You disagree with this, from what I saw in this video

theconman says:

Nice lesson…losing any studs on those shoes?

Richard Davies says:

Hi guys credit where credit is due excellent video just played 9 holes and was 4 over and to be fair it could have been better but missed a couple of putts,having these drills etc my game is definately improving and when you connect with these shots it's just nice to see your ball flying down the fairway

Jon Wragg says:

Hi guys I would love you to do an analysis on my swing and give me a few pointers. I don't think there is much chance of winning your competitions to get a free one but I would be happy to pay you guys to do it for me. Is this something you could do and if so could you tell me how much it would be please. Thanks jon

thorpie579 says:

New subscriber, love the chanel thanks guys . ๐Ÿ™‚

darshan senthi lohanath says:

Great videos guys . Just by watching your videos my handicap droped from 15 to 9 . Keep it up . ๐Ÿ™‚

Tony Ainsworth says:

Piers, one issue relating to driver set up. At address you ground the club midway between the heels, some 3 or 4 inches behind the ball. I don't recall you teaching this. The only other teacher I've seen who advocates this is Shawn Clement. After seeing you both do this I tried it and it transformed my driver ball striking. Can you both discuss this in a future video? Great videos, so helpful. Tony

ItzAndy! says:

So. When does the keeping the arm connected to your body stop in the after swing?

Kierran Mears says:

How can we win a swing analise?

Billy Pun says:

Great tips guys! I'm having a similar problem, gotta try that ASAP thx

najiba mn says:

Thanks guys!! will fix with the tips you give and feedback if it helped!!

Luke Buys says:

Hey ,love youre struggling with my irons.i either hit before the ball or thin it.

Tony Atkinson says:

Well done guys like the animation to point out problemsย 

Matthias Gold says:

love these easy hints to solve "big" problems… great video!

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