Golf Chipping Drill Phil Mickelson Technique

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Golf Chipping Technique and Drill to help improve your short game:) —


David Marks says:

Its great to see a golf instruction video with PERSONALITY 🙂 Take care.

Sean M says:

At 1:07 you state "…you hinge your wrist on the backswing and you hold them going through, not breaking your wrists…" ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT. Every golfer breaks his wrists at (or around) impact, including Phil Mickelson. It's almost physically impossible not to. His slow-motion video series even shows this. This is a great technique, but you're just repeating things you don't fully understand.

Jancen says:

What if the pin is just a yard away?

Robert Brown says:

Love the vid, especially when you tell the crows to STFU. But really, good vid, adding more insight into Phil's H&H.  Thanks for posting, still having hell with my chipping. To all the haters making bad comments, just tell them to STFU too!

goldenglove25 says:

lt said it best in the movie the water bay when he said this why u dont do crack…

Cali510Livin says:

Do you hinge to start the Take away or do you take away and then hinge

André Fröjd says:

Hahah what a legend you are. This vid tho 😉 great drill! Hahah
"You cant trust you feelings in life, i learned that from my ex girlfriend". HAHA omg :'D

Korya Iine says:

Thank you for the help! Really appreciate it.

Mickey HALE says:

Great job! I learned something also. I enjoyed the video very much!

Terry Young says:

I am a low golf handicapper & your energy held me through your video. I'm glad it did, because you taught me something I never knew young man. Keep up the good work & don't let the trash talkers or haters as the say deter you. Great video.

okipapa619 says:

Traj??? Dork

Marc Napoletano says:

you're really frustrating to watch because you're not funny

john ham says:

just watch Phil instead 

Jake Reddick says:

+teddy26yorks is '26 the year you were born I take it?

Walter Allred says:


Bob Messinger says:

This kid is like a young Michael Breed with a bad coke habit and I'm not talking about caffeine or soda. Still, solid advice .

sharmakdeep says:

Crows screaming at the Airplanes 😀

Sockyoursock77 says:

thanks gabe

Sofie Kromann says:

omg your really funny! 😛

and thanks for the tips 😉

Karambit07 says:

Annoying but good job man!!! LOL

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