Golf Chipping Tips, Drills And Lessons Video By Phil Mickelson | Swing Tips For Beginers

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Golf Chipping Tips And Instructions
Many golfers are great on the green but struggle on the rough. If that is you, then you need to watch this entire video.

Golfing great Phil Mickelson will show you step by step the correct techniques how to get out of the rough, using the hinge and hold method and the lob shot principles. Shock your friends and family with your new and improve chip shot that even Tiger Woods would be Jealous of. Happy golfing!

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frmer td says:

Deep Rough Pitching from Phil:
Ball deep in rough: weight forward, open face 40 degrees, drive club into ground behind.
Ball ON TOP of deep rough:weight equal, open face 10 degrees, dont drive into ground, swing under ball.
Low runner deep in rough:close face, drive into ground.

The last one is probably the best for good amateurs to learn if deep rough worries you.

mncedisi nkomo says:

hеy if u guyz nееd Diamоnds & Кeуs i knоw a suреr good glitсh u can usе tоo gеt thеm fаst, it's оnlinе here – Еnjooууy ! Golf Chiррing Tips Drills And Lеssоns Vidео Bу Рhil Мiсkelson Swing Tips Fоr Beginеrs

Fergal O' Connor says:

What do you guys think?

Sniper 180 says:

I dare you to drink every-time he says ball! Lol

Jim Bowe says:

Phil makes it looks easy. It has helped my short game. Thanks Phil!!

Live Happy Stay Happy says:

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Jerry Lundegard says:

Phil because of your videos my buddies now ask me for chipping tips.  Everything else of mine stinks, by my chipping is rock solid.  Thanks man!!

Eoghan O Neill says:

Hinge and hold to hit the ground with the leading edge and duff the shot as opposed to using the bounce. Just what I found practicing this

adski01 says:

There is a touch or feel element here that Phil doesn't want to talk about because it may be discouraging to anyone watching.  The fact is that he has played countless shots with different kinds of turf, grass, rough and can automatically assess/determine the strength of swing and grip required to get the club head to the ball so that it flies the correct amount and rolls the correct amount.  Next time you practice, chuck 20 balls down in the rough and get the feel of the club head going through the rough whilst hitting the ball. See how far it travels in the air and on the ground and work on opening the club face and moving your weight forward or back to see what happens.

Derek Bryan says:

Or in he says….lol cmon Phil don't look so surprised next time! You do that for big money!

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