Golf Chipping/Pitching, Correct Ball Position

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Belfry PGA Professional Chris Ryan talks through the correct ball position for short shots around the green and some of the mistakes golfers often make.


Robert DuPre says:

Around the 4th minute, you did a little thing where you set the club behind the ball and then moved your right foot way back. You were showing the ball position didn't change no matter where the right foot was. THANK YOU! That 5 seconds of video was an absolute revelation. That was the most perfect illustration I've ever seen and I think you just kind of threw it in there as one more little point to make. I was finally able to break that nasty habit of putting the ball almost behind my right foot a few months ago. It's amazing when you finally discover why club manufacturers make clubs with loft AND bounce! Great video!

Tom Donnelly says:

Excellent video. Chipping consistency is something I struggle with and this information should help a lot.

Robby Setser says:

I've heard of people teaching to use a putting grip with a chip. Is there any advantage to this, or should I be using my full swing grip? Thanks for the videos.

justjames1111 says:

Hi Chris, really like your videos. However, what do you think about Dave Pelz's advice about ball being off back foot?

RS Marett says:

This is for chipping not pitching.

tom&jerry says:

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OriginalJsmooth735 says:

Much thanks

RollYourRock says:

Nicely done.

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