Golf Course Lesson Thurlestone Golf Club

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Golf Course Lesson Thurlestone Golf Club with Mark Crossfield and James Dimond. PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield talks more stunning golf Devon links this time at the amazing Thurlestone Golf Club in Devon. Other wise know as the Pebble Beach of Devon watch as the boys play around this amzing coast line hitting drivers tee shots and irons as they try to make pars and birdies. The playing lesson series is all about helping you see what better players do on the golf course and how they see and try to play their golf shots.


christopherMTLvideos says:

Bring back James Dimond

SquaidsGaming says:

i would have subscribed but please dont take this the wrong way only as positive criticism, you seem to be being a bit of a dick to the other guy, and it gets quite annoying, 

Wes says:

Great looking course!

TREXgameplay says:

Sitting on the the dock of says mark it's sitting on the dock of the bay watching my time rolling away ohh sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time

TREXgameplay says:

Mark one thing , when you talk no one rushes you but when james or Kevin speaks you say go on then and always rush them

Evan Bennett says:

… Did you try searching for it? Sheesh.

darren deehan says:

hi mark have you made a video on links course Royal portrush northern ireland..?

Jake Reddick says:

I want one of those 'bunker' caps

joel rea says:

What is in James golf bag

carlsson2919 says:

Not everyone wants to be on camera.

Jonas Nørby says:

because the other one doesent want to get filmed

Joseph Stanski says:

These are great videos – love the homeiness of the
whole expierence – please don't change anything. GREAT as is.

Tyler Cibula says:

I love it when i can watch u guys play

UcanThnkItuCanDoit says:

holy shit this is a cool golf course

revman417 says:

fantastic split screen shot on that second hole with the player and the ball silhouetted against the sky!! Enjoying these videos greatly…thank you.

Harry Flower Golf says:

Loving Marks shirt ha !

Thosteng says:

you live in paradise! haha

aaron sinclaire says:

what shoes is james wearing ?

Kipp Popert Golf says:

I really like these vids mark nice change…. Could u do me a favour and check out my vids I am playing golf on wed in France and will record a few holes 🙂 keep

japanesebatman .Detailed Kicks says:

you guys should hire a professional filmer!

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