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PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of meandmygolf give another golf swing analysis of a viewer. They explain the K bomb drill to help hit longer golf drives.


Mike Boatright says:

I sorta struggle with this I fins I get jammed with my arms hence no room to swing the club,and blocks to the right. I think when I sway I have such good hands I pull smoke it down the middle 285 i'm quite decent at it but struggle with consistency. My question is where is your weight displacement then? Is it 60-40 back foot on the driver and 60-40 with the irons more lead foot? Also if your set up to turn back more isn't it possible to get stuck and fail to clear into your lead foot through,or will it be easier?

Adrian DePietro says:

okay video his hips are wrong…. but he is swinging to much in his back swing, when he swings to far back there is more wrist movement and non full correct fundamentals when he follows through because of how far he does backswing, if he (and to everyone) tries to keep their arms as straight as they can in their backswing you will have a flush follow through with your swing and there will be a lot more straighter drives i promise, remember shift weight from your right to your left for righty and left to right for lefty, by doing this it will help keep your body still in mid swing and will greatly improve your percentage of hitting fairways, distance should not change and should not lower but you will definitely hit more fairways and shave strokes its not about killing the ball its all mental!!!!

10colt01 says:

how much weight would you say you are putting on your back leg during the driver swing? 60%? more? I am god awful at golf and I really need to improve my game. thanks!

Brad Junes says:

At my club, have had 2 hole in ones on par 4's, and years of long drive wins with 5 plus in tournaments. I never hit the ball straight and average 3 fairways a round. Thanks for the tip.

Martin Lzsky says:

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michael says:

this got rid of my drift in my swing and im driving it much further than before

Sandy Erickson says:

I wish you could down vote the advertisements at the beginning. "Ok Google, record everything around me and send it straight to the NSA and CIA."

Oliver McIntosh says:

Gonna k bomb tomorrow

chris van welij says:

The reverse K bomb video restored my easy driving with a little draw !! Thanks guys!!

Manvendra Siwach says:

Lot of talk no real takeaway, these guys are just interested in dishing out out hogwash and then coming out with very average sorta tips which every hack already knows.

wast of time

leontrotsky says:

These features should feature demonstrations rather than too much chat and there is no demonstration just chat. I am sure the advice is sound but you need to physically show yourselves hitting shots to demonstrate properly.

big boom says:

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Miguel Dabu says:

Wow, I have seen this for a while but never paid attention to it. Tried it this week on the course after getting fed up with the low flight off the driver. Man it is true. I have seen parts of the course that I frequently play that I have never seen before.

James Shai says:

Brilliant – So simple. Thank-you, it really helped my driving distance. Cheers

S Roe says:

should I use the same hip set up for irons too?

Cheryl Rider says:

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Wilberto Casillas says:

this reverse K is the real deal!!

Il soo Kim says:

it helps alot i got it on my first swing thank you so much

Nick McDonald says:

Saw this video on Thursday night, went to the range yesterday and was hitting 8/10 drives straight with good carry. Much improved with just the setting forward of my hips, great tip and one I've not come across before!

christopher patterson says:

It's not a spine tilt, it's hip placement. Can't wait to see if that helps my drive.

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