Golf Instruction – The Proper Golf Grip

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John shows you the proper golf grip. Weather you have a weak or a strong golf grip… John will show you the perfect “correct”golf grip for you golf game. These golf grip tips will help you become the best golfer you can be.

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Pragam Bati says:

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Train For Golf says:

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parijat sinha says:

golf club is perpendicular to the target line?? How

Rolling Rock says:

Could someone please tell me what glove he's wearing? When my grandfather passed away, I inherited his golf bag and that same type of glove was in it, although very worn out, so I couldn't wear it.

infotainment channel says:

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Lasantha Gpv says:

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Huon LeBatelier says:

>> The Simple GOLF SWING. Drop 7 Strokes in 2 Weeks <<

Wm. Sturman says:

Excellent tutorial video on grip. However, you mention the importance of using your finger on your left hand vs. your palm. I tend to use my palm, and was curious if you could address why your grip video & left hand grip is the opposite of another grip tutorial by another golfer? I mention this, only because the other video on the proper golf grip was done by Jack Nicklaus, and given his overall success it prompted my question above? It could be that technology and physiology has proven using fingers to grip is best? Just thought I'd ask to get some clarification? Thanks in advance for help.
Wm. ~

Tha Q says:

lol @ "Tiger not bad"…uh, say that again today…

Harry Carry says:

I was taught by a great golfer years ago to put Super Glue in the areas of your fingers that interlock.   I have the best grip Ive ever seen.

Lynwood Cowan says:

thank you so much. I learned a lot!

trevor bjarne says:

Excellent – thank you for sharing. Very good instruction.

cosyhome1 says:

Excellent teaching


Jackie Burke would not completely agree; here's his statement about Sam Snead, who said to hold the club like it's a bird. Jackie said–"What Sam Snead failed to tell you is the bird was a Hawk"…Jackie Burke said a very firm grip is necessary, but you don't want tension is in the forearms or shoulders.

steelcity9778 says:

This is a good lesson I picked up the game last year and was using baseball grip now I started using interlocking I going to try this grip at the range

Golf Lessons Online says:

Nice lesson, not enough attention paid to the simple things.  Gotta get the grip right!!

urbanvelos says:

Special thanks go to the chainsaw operator, lol

A Nesbitt says:

This is my go to instructional lesson when I fall into the black hole that is a bad round.

Rodney Thompson says:

Nice I learned a lot. Thank you

Andrew Fraser says:

Probably one of the best explanations on simple grip I've ever seen. Awesome!

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