Golf My Way – Ball Position

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Jack Nicklaus gives timeless instruction on golf ball position. For more information, visit or more on the Golf My Way DVD at

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magic, when u make the complex, simple as fk. thanks Jack, will work on this asap


best swing of all time…

George Wallace says:

I once use to copy Jack Nicklaus when I was young playing golf.

Old Stock Canadian says:

I will never forget following Jack all Sunday at the TPC in Michigan back in the mid 1990s. unfortunately lost in a playoff with JC Snead. best golfer in history of the game. I can tell my kids that I watched the great Jack Nicklaus in person

nosoupforyou says:

Absolute genius

Rivas Gerard says:

Un très Grand Maître ! , n'ayant pas les moyens de m'offrir les services d'un professeur car les tarifs hors de prix ! c'est à travers livre de Sir Jack Nicklaus, ainsi que ses vidéos que j'apprends à jouer au golf ! Un sincère et très grand merci !

Denny Law says:

The greatest golfer of all time as well as one of the greatest men of all time. Just lived his life with class at all times.

Golf Par Excellence says:

Who'd argue with Jack?

Karaoke Kid says:

Love you Jack! Your the greatest!!!!!!!!! I have been watching "JACK" on the golf channel and enjoy it very much. Golf is great!

HD 883Nightster says:

20 people who have never won a major.

George Smith says:

I love all these "ifs" and "buts" filled with excuses of why Tiger didn't surpass Jack. Tiger's situation was completely of his own making. But If you want to play the "if and but" game…
If Ben Hogan's prime had not been interrupted by WW2 costing him at least 2 years worth of majors and "if" the left side of his body had not been severely damaged in that auto accident (also during his prime), and IF back then it wasn't such a time consuming expensive pain in the a$$ to play in the British Open such that Hogan had played more than just the one year that he won it, and if the time consuming ship travel to the Brittish Open didn't prevent playing in the PGA like it did back then, he would have won many more majors than either Jack or Tiger.

kingshearer2 says:

I don't play all my clubs off the inside of the left heel. I just play my driver from that position and gradually bring my ball position towards the centre of my feet as the club gets shorter. You would top alot of short irons playing them off the inside of the left heel.

David Rosenfeld says:

I think for a lot of golfers, it's sort of the opposite of what Jack says. Their poor setup/posture affects their effective ball position. In other words, even if they have a consistent ball position just behind the front heel, the way they set up to the ball is so inconsistent that one time it's too far back, another too far forward, or in general it's not good for the particular club they're using.

Eric Thompson says:

thanks jack after multiple lessons and instructors telling me to put the ball in the middle of my stance,and me telling them this isn't working for me and them telling me you just have to get used to it and hitting shanks all over the golf course, and wanting to go hide somewhere, I moved up the ball in my stance and oh my goodness 30yards longer with the driver and ,2clubs longer with the irons.

Brian Reilly says:

OK left heel for driver moving your right leg in as the club gets shorter making look like you are playing it in centre big jack wanted simple methods so he could concentrate on scoring he was the best winner but try it see if it works for you he did say in his book play around with ball position until you get correct position for your swing

boost burns says:

think guys.

boost burns says:

why do I have to be a racist? is it possible to be racist against people in your house. lol

Brian Reilly says:

remember you move your

cencal49 says:

Greatest golfer of all time get 174k views…Screwed up

checka1963 says:

KISS principle and increasing your chances of making a good swing under pressure if you are always trying to replicate the same impact position via the same ball position. You can still shape the ball by closing or opening the stace a bit or control the height with a shallower or fuller follow through. Then practice practice practice.

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