Golf Spine Angle – Cure Your Golf Slice – 60 Sec. Golf Tips by

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This bonus video will have you never slicing again because it focuses on what the true cause of the dreaded over the top slice is, not just the symptoms of ball flight.

Most golfers, and even most golf instructors don’t understand the importance of spine angle and how it actually dictates the swing plane in the golf swing.

That’s right, your spine angle called axis tilt is likely one of the reasons you’re slicing.

Once you understand how to setup to the golf ball correctly, you can then begin focusing on the other cause of the over the top move and that is covered in the bonus video here


Stephen Sylvester says:

Really like the 60 Second golf tips. How about a tip on how to shallow out the club on the downswing and what role the left wrist plays in that.

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