Golf Swing Mechanics : How to Stand When Hitting a Golf Ball

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When hitting a gold ball, the hands should be under the chin, the knees slightly flexed, the shoulders over the toes and balance should be maintained. Discover why the same stance should be used to hit with any golf club with help from a PGA professional in this free video on tips to improve your golf swing.

Expert: Frank Ganley
Bio: Frank Ganley has been a PGA professional for 20 years. He currently makes his living teaching golf at the Tampa Bay Downs golf practice facility in Tampa, Fla.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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ZZMann33 says:

I would have taken a lesson from you if had known. I was in Tampa. I'll be down in Ft. Myers and Naples next week. I think I reach for the ball to much. I fade the ball most of the time and lost some distance. Any advice?

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