Golf Swing Sequence

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What starts the backswing, what starts the downswing – PGA Professional Robin Symes explains the correct sequence to a golf swing. It will answer questions like what starts the backswing and what starts the downswing.
Hi, my name is Robin Symes. Very often I hear the questions about golf swings. What starts the backswing? What starts the downswing? Here I am going to answer that today by explaining the correct sequence to the swing.
The basic sequence is this. The backswing is started by clubhead moving. Then the arms will move. Then the shoulders will move, and lastly the hips will move. The momentum is built from the outside in. Club Head, arms, shoulders, hips.
The down swing is the reverse. So, hips, shoulders, arms, and lastly the club. Again the reverse, it starts from the inside to the outside. This is the most efficient way to do it. It is the most efficient way to get speed into the golf swing.
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