Golf Swing Tips And Instruction – How To Avoid Low Back Pain And Understand Your Spine Mechanics

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Close Lindy Royer, PT, founder of Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy in Lone Tree, CO, and creator of the Body*Truth Program presents a golf instruction tip to show you how to gain power and performance in your golf swing by understanding the design of your spine. Many golfers suffer from lower back pain because they incorrectly use the low back to generate rotational torque. As you shall see in this video, the lower back is not structured for a large amount of rotation — rotational torque should be gained from other parts of the spine. For a full golf-ready physical assessment, call us today at (303) 649-2165, or visit our website at


David Williams says:

Best explanation yet…thank you very much and I will start working on it today.

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