Golf swing tips. The Backswing takeaway. How to golf video tips 3

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Close This how to golf video is number 3 in a series of eight Golf swing tips. Here we are going to go through all the check points in a technically correct swing.
The first check point after address is the take away position. The first position we are going to make is when the butt end of the club is opposite your right thigh. The correct way to move into this position is by moving the club, hands, arms and body – particularly the shoulders – away in unison. To get to that point we should avoid having the arms move independently of the body but rather have everything moves away together.


Dangry says:

After 35 years of struggling with the takeaway I have never seen a more crystal clear explanation with so many checkpoints. However I couldn't attain the correct positions until I GENTLY extended my arms at address & maintained the extension throughout the backswing.
Some teachers advocate removing/relaxing the right thumb & forefinger from the grip (especially Gerry Hogan); your opinion please? IS YOUR LIGHT FITTING STILL INTACT?

xalatan33 says:

2:00 is the key

xalatan33 says:

best video i've seen.

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