Golf Tip of the Week: Hitting a Straight Drive to the Fairway

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Jimmy Hanlin shows co-host Carling Nolan how to set up approach and ball position in order to hit the ball consistently in the fairway at Chambers Bay, the home of the 2015 US Open.


Amore M says:

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Amoliq Super says:

Good shot and thnx

Celluloidwatcher says:

I just saw this on TV recently, and Carling looked very nice in the outfit and white knee socks.  Reminds me of the Ladies Home Journal article, "Golf, It's a Woman's World, Too," by Arnold Palmer, which had a pictorial of LPGA players modeling golfing outfits for women, circa 1973.  And, yes, they wore knee socks.  My personal favorite was Shelley Hamlin, followed by Jan Ferraris, and Pam Barnett, as their outfits, and socks, looked good.  Also, Mary Mills was in the group, as well.  Nice to remember some good things.

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