Golf Tips Learn to Pitch it like Sergio Garcia

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Close A few tips and tricks on how to pitch it close from around the green.

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macleryy says:

very funny to named the video pitch it like Sergio García and show tiger´s shot…

Ed Flood says:

This looks like chipping to me.  Chip / Bump and run.  Change title to Tiger.

Jack Evans says:

Thanks Dave just tried it out on the course and it worked really well. 🙂

Jack Jones says:

what golf balls do u use ? or what ones would u recommend

Fernando Torres says:

When I need to open the club face and stance to get a higher shot…does the same technique to driving the right side hard still applies???

Jared Lahiff says:

do you do this form for all chipping yardages?.. 20..40..60..80?


Patrick Kaa says:

do you keep the weight on the left side if you put the ball in the middle and forward of stance???

qdE uä says:

@iGolftv Great Tip DM but what I like to think about when I'm hitting a pitch shot is to maintain my level so I don't lower my head in the backswing can can cause me to raise my spineangle when I'm coming into the shot. I'm also thinking about letting the arms drop start with the arms then I synchronize that movement with my body turning through the shot. What do you think about that? Are you using the bounce on these shots or do you rather use the leading edge?

RollYourRock says:

Where would you like the focus be when powering the downswing?

The knees?
The hips?
The chest?
The shoulders?
Or all of the above (entire pivot) ?

BTW… I really like what you're doing!

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