Golf Tips: Weight transfer

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Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Paul Foston explains the importance of weight transfer and how to successfully initiate it through the swing.


Pablo says:

Is it just me or is his weight still on his right at impact?

sobojetty says:

I can hear the wind was a little noisy, yet your voice came through nice and clear, unlike some other golf videos. Good tech, thank you.

Ryan Gray says:

I believe that the weight should always stay onto the left side. I don't understand why you need to shift your weight from middle
, to right to left. You only have 2/100s of a second to change this on the downswing. I believe the weight should stay left throughout all of the swing…

Mike Jarrett says:

Thanks Paul, have been looking for a simple swing key, that is easy to understand. Hope this will stop my ever increasing handicap from rising any more !!

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