[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 032: Throw Through to Drive it Farther!

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Our Golf Professional Aimee Cho prepared a driver down swing lesson; to help you hit it farther! She shows you how to feel the throwing sensation and explains the difference between an iron swing and a driver swing (down blow vs. up blow).

In the next lesson, she will show you how to create power using your core!

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Filmed at Winderemer GC, Atlanta GA.


Lawrence Ong says:

Aimee, I have less problem hitting tee shots with 3 or 5 woods than driver. I find it that driver is longer as I am not a tall person.
How do it correct my driver shot in this case? Kindly advise please. Thank you

Kevin Ho says:

This is THE best video on YouTube on driver swing. Thank you Aimee! You're a great teacher.

tom schuh says:

excellent video, very useful.

Sean Kim says:

Great lesson! Thumbs up!

Arturo Pena says:

BEST video on youtube on how to hit a driver

QMS Cards says:

Aimee has helped me to save few strokes off course since watching her video, particularly what I liked about is her rhythm lessons, we men need to learn more about the mental game from women also, I am serious!

Joel Crisostomo says:

WOW Aimee. Best lesson so far in clear detail. i learned a lot just by your simple tips.

werner matzeit says:

Most instructors talk to much , simple not overload , is best . This girl is good

Charlene L says:

Big fan of your YouTube. Question: how far the hands should be away from body for the driver?

Sled Harness says:

Aimee is the best instructor. My local pro just shows me and then does nothing else to help. Thanks Aimee!

golfergal says:

i see so many of my swing faults in the "no good" part of your lesson..you are amazing!

Ronald Casselman says:

When I am hitting well this is what I do. But I always thought it was wrong so I kept focusing on hip turn and weight transfer. What an amazing video. My next driver swing thought will be to let the club pass me. Amazing

Recap 60min says:

I'm not sure why you're not more popular; I've sent my friends links to your videos!

Jackson gould says:

That's some good action right there. Nice job.

sue choi says:

Thank you so so much

john antony kilkenny says:

Excellent Aimee, you have taught me a lot!

SH S says:

These videos are great ! seriously ! I have improved from a 160-180 yard slice/fade driver to a straight, draw biased  (200-210) driver shot after watching all of Aimee's drivers lessons.  I must have went through about 100 other different driver tips on you tube (in the span of about 3 years trying t figure it out) and none has made me 'click' but this series did.    thank you !funny that this is the first time I was told to don't shift the weight, I ran to the range, and try to hit it off my right foot, and suddenly I got it ! I am sure its not 100% correct , but it fixed my problem and it went much further.

Dryfield3 says:

Your the best Aimee, as all Amys seem to be, "Once in love with Amee"

Budi Mardiono says:

Just hit Subscribe to this channel…. great explanation…

David Williams says:

This really works!!! I literally hit the ball 25 yards further with my driver and my irons are much crisper. Aimee's delineation between an iron swing ( weight on forward foot at impact ) and driver ( hang back more, right foot does not leave ground until after impact ) made the biggest difference for me. I was definitely spinning open trying to transfer my weight the wrong way hitting massive pulls and fat irons. The only thing I would add is do not sway on the backswing for either the driver or iron in trying to shift your weight which I was doing at first. Thanks, Aimee!!! Can you comment on what I said. I would like feedback. I am going to subscribe also.

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