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Meandmygolf show a drill to help you get better contact on your golf chip shots and stop scooping the ball

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1888sparky says:

That's all good with some grass. How do you fix the same issue but on a firm surface with little grass

GOLF with LOA says:

Love u guys !! This helps so much

Manzar Ahmed says:

Useful tip, will try it out.

24inchdubz says:

sidenote that course is stunning!

Olivier Dobrynine says:

Merci les gars, vous êtes trop forts et trop sympathiques!!!!!

AbsoluteDigitalEye says:

WOW Thanks, I shot a 45 today after watching this video. I usually shoot a 52 but after watching this video and playing today I would have to say this was the best advice I have ever had. Many thanks to Meandmygolf

Garrett Schupp says:

It's funny, all the golf videos I watch their showing instructions on beautiful courses with great land. They should make videos on average courses that a majority of golfers play on, exposed dirt, bald ground spots , roots and that's not even in or near OB areas.

Hillbilly Barber says:

Depending on how far the Flag is from where my ball lands. (is depending on how i place my feet, if i do a closed leg stance or a slightly open leg stance) I chock up on my pitcher. i swing my club back half way and i do stop shallow i dont have a big follow through swing as i find ill end up on the other side of the green.

Coach D says:

Great drill guys.

Christher Lenander says:

Just subscribed. Love this channel. I need to work on my wedge shots for this season.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Oh my gosh you nailed it. The bladed shot,  the double hit, or fatted shot,  one of those happen EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It pisses me off so much.

Matt Peercy says:

why cant I chip with my 60' I do my 56'? I rarely take out my 60' wedge..because of this..I want to be better with u have any tips?

redwingnut4013 says:

Looks really silly

redwingnut4013 says:

I hit that shot way open stance, all the way open face and ball way forward in my stance, distance seems to work, consistent accuracy not even close. 25hcp

Dan Brown says:

i am so bad at this lol

Aaron Morgan says:

I could watch your videos all day long . I have a few things I need to learn and by watching these videos I'm hoping they help me

Tuna Sami says:

Golf Channel need to offer you guys a job or a chance. You guys can be very appealing to the younger and learning golf crowds.

Ca'Reece Norris says:

Hey guys, thanks so much for the tip videos. I've been playing for a few months and I feel myself getting technically better. I hit a few good shots in the beginning but they were based around pure luck. Now I feel a lot more confident in each swing. My question tho is what clubs should i add to my bag. I have a pw, a driver, a 3 and 5 hybrid, and 6-9 irons. I would like something for chip shots like in the video. my pitching wedge has the highest angle but I don't think that quite does it for me. Any recommendations?

fossyfossfoss says:

sorry pop lool

fossyfossfoss says:

smurked at cock n hop lololol

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