How To Improve The Sequencing OF Your Golf Downswing With The Stick In The Belt Drill

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In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Professional, Brian Fitzgerald, “The Golf Doctor” shows you how to improve your downswing sequence using golf alignment sticks. This drill is called the the stick in the belt drill. It is one of the best golf downswing sequence drills you can use. The downswing sequence is also known as the Kinematic Sequence.

I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.

And today I am going to talk to you about sequencing of your downswing.

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So in today’s lesson. I am going to talk to you about sequencing your down swing.

So we are getting to the top. We have worked on that in recent videos.

How to take the club back. Now we are going to work on how to bring the club down.

And a lot of people have been saying for years we have got to lead with the legs.

So what I see a lot of people doing. Is they get to the top and the first thing they do is they unleash their legs.

That gets the whole thing out of sequence.

So probably the easiest way to explain it is if I grab one of my alignment sticks here.

And I attach it through my belt loops. Like that.

If I get to the end of the swing. And if I start doing too much too early with my body my hands and club are going to get caught up with the stick.

Now I am not saying that you don’t lead with your legs. Of course you do. But you don’t give them too much of a head start.

As soon as I start swinging my club down to the left. It’s going to happen any way.

don’t think about trying to do it.

If you are throwing a ball you don’t think gee I have to start with my hip. You are actually just throwing the ball.

It happens quite naturally and I think golf is a very simplistic idea that everyone overcomplicates.

There is no need to.

So if I can get this back to the end of my back swing. And I can hit the ball without my shaft making contact with my alignment stick. It’s going to be a good result.

We will see how I go.

So there is a nice little draw.

I did it without hitting my alignment stick.

it’s a great way to practice. You don’t need to hit balls. If you do and you get it wrong you are going to rip your belt loops off. So I suggest you do something like that.

And we just make sure that we don’t give too much of a head start. And we get the club in sequence with our hips.

Thank you for letting me help you with our golf.

I am Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.

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simple tip that works well to sequence swing. thanks

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