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HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SHOULDER TURN IN THE GOLF SWING with PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about hitting better drivers, tee shots and irons shots in todays Daily Vlog. Make sure you are helping your golf game with good body movements that could encourage improved strikes. For simple and easy to follow golf instruction, tips and drills follow the Daily Vlogs.

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Ricardo Passarelli says:

I have the skills to put together a winning round, but I don't always have the skill to focus in a tournament situation. My breathing really helps.

Chris Banner says:

Mental State: 15 handicapper once off 12. I've been considering giving up despite paying a large joining fee at my club. Could not post a score for love or money. Totally frustrated. Approach shots seemed to bounce left or right and putts weren't dropping. Actually dusted off my fishing rod! Then I decided to play a couple of rounds with a few old friends I felt comfortable with in a friendly non competitive environment. Less pressure,struck the ball well and enjoyed myself again. Blow me down went back to my new club and won division 2 yesterday. I'd let things get in my head but managed to eradicate them by chilling and accepting this isn't a game of perfect!

jim thomas says:

All changed when I started playing "hit it and go get it". One shot at a time, each shot counts the same. Also in putting, being excited to try for birdies instead of being afraid of not getting par!

James Stephen Brooks says:

100% mental state effects your game

Mick Clark says:

Its other playing partners losing it that effects my game more… how the hell do you block that out Mark please? 🙂

Mitch Whitehouse says:

Excellent wall/fence and airplane arms drills. Really helps with us over do'ers that want to sway or lean thinking we'll get more for doing more, but will play better getting quickly to the end of a simpler turn with stability for clean strikes.

Ben Jonson says: it…

Nick Ornelas says:

You have probably answered this before but where did you get your putting green? Brand name or company by chance. Thanks brah

PSprim says:

As a firefighter i can tell the difference in a good night sleep has on my game. I sometimes hit the course the morning after my shift and not having run any calls but i sleep horribly there at night, i play terrible. If i sleep at home and then play i feel i drop significant strokes.

fezzer says:

I generally play much better when I'm properly hydrated. If I havent drank enough prior to teeing off, mentally i can be losing it by halfway. Whereas if im hydrated i could be only a few over by 9 and ready to take on the back.

BuzzLightyear says:

Look how many people on here saying that your videos have a positive effect on the way they play golf. Brilliant. You should be very proud! You bring relief and joy to a lot of people. It's not just golf that's hard, life's pretty difficult too. Way to go on making it easier brah!!

Matt Washbrook says:

Emotions are vital. I play with one brother who takes the game very seriously and I normally play poorly. When I play with my other brother who doesn't take himself seriously on the course at all and I play much better. I find that I get much more upset with bad shots with the 1st brother but play with much more freedom and much better with 2nd brother. My learn from this is – just have fun when playing golf because you normally player better!

lee wotherspoon says:

Massive for me Mark. Played in a medal, 2 over through 7 then had a 9! Head gone! Not good at recovering from a bad shot.

Patrick Alan says:

thats a tremendous amount of syrup in your coffee Mark. Going for the sugar rush along with the caffeine? 😂😂😂

Thomas Epperheimer says:

I look forward to the daily vlogs from across the pond. Mental state affecting golf swing? A lot in all sports not just golf. I am not playing my best unless I am having fun. Pretty sure that is the way most people are.

adam dann says:

Will u be reviewing the new cross over?

Brian McCool says:

Huge effect. One of the best outcomes from playing in an after-work golf league has been to teach me to 'shrug' off the bad shots. Let 'em get to you in a competitive format and you're done.

Adrian Canny says:

if i have a good round going i struggle not to think that i should be able to finish in certain score and will have whatever score instead of just playing each shot

Paul Chandler says:

when I first met my Wife I played in the Captains day comp…came in with 40 odd points..won the day…shot the best round of my life…also won 300 notes in the raffle after dinner
wasn't invited back after that
but I was in a good mood. made a difference

Jay Severson says:


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