How to Play a Chip and Run Golf Shot

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The chip and run is a very useful shot when you don’t have any hazards between you and the pin and when the fairway is quite flat and closely mown.

It’s also what I would call a percentage shot. You’ll see in the video that a poorly struck chip and run shot often elicits a similar result to a well struck chip and run shot. A badly hit lob wedge on the other hand can be disastrous.

See this video for set up and technique tips for playing this versatile golf shot.


The spiritual Geordie says:

I thinned my lob wedge once and hit it about 100 yards over the back of the green, went from a possible birdie to a triple bogey, good times!

Joe Public says:

This is not the most innovative, but it sure does work. Listen, and learn.

Kevin Pender says:

This is great information! It really drives home the importance of making the right club and shot selection. Sure, a high spinner with the lob wedge is more sexy, but this video reminds us to select the shot that gives us the best chance to score low. Thanks!

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