How To Play Better Golf Left Handers

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iPhone app This is a great golf lesson for all golfers left handed and right handed. Mark Crossfield offers more free golf instruction to golfers who want to improve their golf. Learn how to hit your golf tee shots, irons and hit more fairways with some great golf advice.


johnnyhmash says:

usual problem.This man appears to be a right handed golfer like 99 pc  of the human race.There must be a left hand coach out there but I have yet to see one.Come on you lefties!

Roy Martin says:

Great video….. Very helping 

Michael W Morris says:

Be nice if ya stood in a left handed stance, even though ur right handed.

thenofxlagwagon says:

i thought that was me at the start… then, i realized it wasn't

MMA Tycoon says:

+1 on using front and back instead of left and right. That was the very first comment I made your vids as a lefty. I find front and back easier to take in anyway, even if you're talking about a lefty.

hummingfish says:

So many amateurs have this problem of not driving the hips in the downswing. I know Mark has given tips for accomplishing this, like pushing the right knee forward, but for some reason the movement is hard to do. Yet, swing a baseball bat and it's automatic! Crazy tough game.

Scott Shields says:

A good way to not to have to switch between left and right and what not is to use the terms front / back …. eg. front foot, back hip …. ect. Love the vids!

Matt McMorran says:

As always, great tips!!

chaseybears says:

Left or right..your vids are really good, thanks.

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