How to REALLY Smash the Sh** Out Of The Golf Ball ► Pro Golf Tips ► Top Golf Secrets Revealed

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How to REALLY Smash the Sh** Out Of The Golf Ball ► Pro Golf Tips ► Top Golf Secrets Revealed
Golf Lesson – Powering the Golf Swing – Technique # 3

This is the Gravity Golf method of powering the swing.

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Golf Lesson – Powering the Golf Swing – Technique # 3


Otto Kriete says:

This fella has a mastery of English that is rarely found. Beautiful explanations of the swing. I can't wait to get out and try this with the thoughts that he has expressed!

Robert Fink says:

At 12:41, the guy says, "You can actually have a slower moving club head and hit the ball further than a fast moving club head."  This is absolutely false, isn't it?  If the ball is struck on the same part of the face at the same angle, doesn't more speed always equal more distance?  Maybe he means that the swing feels slower but is actually faster because he is swinging more easily but is actually developing greater head speed.

Esen S says:

I had these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), read it in 1 night, and the next day at the driving range put it into practice. I was instantly taking correct divots with my irons, appropriately after solid impact. I was striking about 10-15 yards farther with my irons than I was used to. I strongly recommend the book to you!

roger king says:

This is the first concept (lesson) that any beginner or person who lost their swing
should study. I got mine back.

No forgetting  now.

roger king says:

my great shots feel like nothing. this is how to do it!

Danny Jones says:

Good stuff… It's like directing momentum.

steve perry says:

mr lee, i've had your book for about 20 yrs and for me your method works very well with the driver off a tee peg but can't get it to work off the ground. when i use it i channel in jack's image and hit it very long and solid. it's ez to learn and comprehend for my t-ball but iron shots not so much.

enlightened says:

by the time you perfect this swing, you're too old to do it. I've never seen Nicklaus stop a swing, so apparently he likes to hit a lot of not so good shots, because he knows they're coming.

LWS says:

Hi, Great sounding idea here. I wonder does the way Bubba Watson heaves the club in any way represent the counterfall swing? Just because the way throws his body around behind him

Luke Daniel Borel says:

Agree with you I do for the most part, but with longer shafted low loft clubs after watching Hendrik Stenson he apparently with long shafted low loft clubs, he immediately starts a very early push towards the target with his right trial foot, and the earlier you start the right trail foot push towards the target, the longer the right trail foot push lasts in time duration, because we establish a forward moving pivot with the right trail foot push, that prevents the outside in swing path, to the point that with Hendrik he is still completing his trail right foot push until after the impact zone. I understand that this allows us in the downswing to supplement gravity with force. However as also believe that any tension in the upper body during the down swing is a problem. So I see my understanding that on the Driver for example one can get more consistent results my using as much gravity as possible but to provide a forward moving pivot push off point so that we can get more consistent results and protect the lead knee and lead hip, so I also believe in gently flexing the stomach muscles as a first move in the downswing where the fullest stomach muscle flex occurs right after impact and will also protect the lead left hip and lead left knee.

Gracious Regards and I will watch more of the video from your organisation.

Luke Daniel

TheQuietCenter says:

I would add George Knudson and Bob Mann to the list of Gravity Golf players. If you read "Natural Golf" by Knudson you will see his discussion of centrifugal force, etc and dead weight arms and passive hands and the role of the weight transfer in moving the club back and forth, definitely make him a gravity player.

And the instruction in "Automatic Golf" by Bob Mann is 100% gravity golf also.

Thomas Fraser says:

Also to help one imagine better the initial 'heaving motion of the back swing' Imagine Santa Claus heaving his bag of toys around his back and do the same in a golf back swing

Thomas Fraser says:

Having said my piece below. My swing thought is simply on the back swing pull with the right hand and on the downswing pull with the left hand. At 69 it works for me.

Thomas Fraser says:

The part in this video where you only used your right side ( right hand and arm) in the connection of your body to achieve a wonderful shot suggest to me that for the force to take place in a golf swing, you simply tell your viewers on the back swing when they initially 'heave the club' to start the action with the pulling motion of the left arm with the right hand and then relax a bit. They will then experience their body rotating and the the club going fully back. For every action there is a reaction; so the counterforce of initially letting go of the right side pulling the left side allows the left side to gear up to complete the gravitational shot that you have spoken of over the years. Please try this and you will understand why Tom Tomasello has always insisted that the left arm in an inert piece of robe in the golf swing. I believe this fact in the golf swing is either not known by many teachers or suppressed for one reason or another. What do you think??

Thomas Fraser says:

Should read : Seniors need to test the the mobility of their body prior to employing gravity golf techniques by..,.

Thomas Fraser says:

So let me say I understand your explanation of gravity golf and at age 69 have recently tried it and did hit the ball strait; however I find I do not have the mobility in my body at my current age to sustain this technique then when I was younger. If seniors wish to try your gravity golf recommendations they need to test the mobility of your swing technique by simply taking the club with both hands; lift their arms up over their head; and rotate the club around their body. They will indeed feel the forces and the counter forces that a gravity golf swing plays on their body. If they feel any discomfort what so ever they need to stop this technique for their own good. Do you agree? If you do, I would like to discuss my very simple of alternative swing ( right hand pulling left arm in backswing) using the science of physics and gravity for senior to employ without pain. My concept is simple and you may have read it else where on other another video your son made. Thank you very much.

zoots15 says:

If this swing is so "effortless", why did Couples/Goosen and others end up with major back issues?

John Clark says:

genius stuff, it really is

Steve Kay says:

Came across your vids by accident one day. Glad I did. Been using your interpretation of the swing for just a couple of weeks and have never hit the ball so long and straight more often than not. Thanks heaps guys.

Torbjørn T says:

Is it possible to buy the programs as dowloads instead of pysical dvd's ?

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