How to Shallow Your Golf Swing Plane – 60 Sec. Golf Tips

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The key to shallowing your swing plane during the golf downswing and transition is much simpler than you think!

You just have to do this one thing correctly and your swing plane will shallow out for you automatically!

Hey Guys. Chuck Quinton here, founder of with another 60 second golf tip that’s going to really help you understand how to shallow out your swing plane from the top of your backswing.
What most people struggle with, amateur golfers, is they start coming over the top, so instead of their club shallowing out, which is what we mean by the club dropping this way, dropping down under the plane or on plane, it tends to come over the swing plane. How do you fix that?
Well, a lot of instructors would have you believe that you should just manipulate it with your arms and drop it down with your wrists. That’s the last thing on earth you’d want to do. Shallowing out your swing plane is a byproduct of doing other things correctly in your swing and relaxing tension in your arms and wrists. To shallow out your swing plane, watch, I won’t do anything with my arms. I’m going to leave my arms right here at the top. I’m going to relax them. All I’m going to do is shift my weight. As I shift my weight and my hips begin to unwind, guess what happens to the club. It shallowed out.
That’s how you shallow out the golf club is by learning how to move your body correctly. The golf swing happens from the inside out. Don’t worry so much about what’s happening with the club. The club is just showing you symptoms of what your body’s doing incorrectly. If this makes sense to you and you want to learn how to shallow out your swing, take a look at this bonus video and make sure you subscribe to our 60 second golf tips on YouTube. Go and check out


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