Kirk Junge Single plane golf swing compared with Moe Norman’s swing DL view

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First attempt comparing my swing to Moe’s using the ubersense app on Ipad. Seemed to work okay. I have dedicated myself to becoming as great a ballstriker as Moe Norman was. Subscribe to follow my progress here on youtube.

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charminglad124 says:

One thing you might have missed is your ball is slightly further away in stance which gives Moe a slightly higher takeaway plane than yours..which might explain why Moe's club face is closed more than yours…your thoughts Kirk..

Ira Shoff says:

Thanks Kirk, I've gone to a "semi Moe" if you will. Exteneded arms as in the hitting plane position, I feel my shots are consistantly straighter. Also your observation that Moe was a 'body' swinger is appreciated. Teachers that put any emphasis on hands are putting future problems into a golfer. Hogan taught body swing in his book and I firmly believe most successful modern day golfers are good body swingers.


Thanks very much for the video Kirk! I'm still wondering whether to go "full Moe".Just his right hand palm grip plus your video on an internmediate swing allows me to hit it really straight. The angle made between the shaft of the club and the arms is vital though. Too straight does not work for me!

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