Lauden Golf ‘s JWL talksTech – Swingweight

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Lauden Golf JWL talks tech about swingweight – most players do not know their swingweights nor do any of their clubs match in swingweight = higher scores! Plus most companies provide only 1 choice of weight to men = D2 and only 1 weight to women C7 – stronger plyers both women and men need heavier weight this is very important in maintaining proper tempo throughout the round and under competition pressure. “swingweights = consistent golf”


breadfan262 says:

It's percentages of length and weight. Not linear

Stephen Santilian says:

The swing speed doesnt have to go up if you add weight. Plug the numbers into the energy equation. I added 18grams to my driver and lost 4mph. However, i netted +168joules if energy in my driver swing. Don't let the squared velocity throw you off. you have yo actually graph or plug in some numbers. Prior to reweighting: Driver head= 0.2kg; swingspeed =107mph=47.83m/s

hardcoremofo says:

What do you do if you cut your driver shorter?  I'm thinking of going 43.5 off a 46 inch…. what's the best way to do it to keep the same swingweight and flex in the end.

MrTanker10a says:

Absolutely Awesome video! This is a very clear, concise and a practical explanation of the term "swing weight". Thanks a lot Laudengolf. Cheers!

Richie Dela Merced says:

Man this makes so much sense. Thanks so much

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