Learning the Moe Norman Golf swing, Free tips for faster learning.

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Moe Norman discovered the easiest way to swing a golf club, and anybody can learn to swing like he did. You will learn to hit longer and straighter golf shots. All you need to do is to copy his setup, which includes his grip, and stance. Follow the swing drills to learn his swing. In a short time you too will have “the feeling of greatness”.

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Garth Downton says:

I guess I am confused. Bryson D. Is no example of Moe's swing . He doesn't need it obviously . A completely different muscle group is used in Bryson's swing. If Moe rotated his hips like Bryson does he would never have hit the ball !! IMO

Henry Wegwitz says:

I can't wait to try Moe's golf swing method, tomorrow on my weekly vets golf tournament. It would appear that with less moving parts the golf swing becomes more consistent and easier on the body. I'll give you feedback after the game. Cheers

Garth Downton says:

Ball in my court !!!! Thanks for the reply Kirk.

Garth Downton says:

Is this swing not more of a hybrid move? I really see more of a conventional swing the uses a few of Moe's features. I am not doubting your results but I just don't see Moe's move there please comment!

fyagm10 gmail says:

I noticed you always do your videos using fluffy lies. Can you show how consistent you are with contact using tight lies? I also noticed you said some shots went perfectly straight, but they actually appeared to be pulled left or blocked right.

Aleksi körkkö says:

Tried this couple days ago. Hit my iron about 10 yards further and dead straight:)
Feels so much easier than my earlier swing.

ernest jow says:

why are no pros using this swing?

G88torbait says:

Kurt–Norman seemed to believe in the importance of left knee action in the downswing. He indicated that it remained bent and moved forward in the downswing. Do you agree? Gary, Denver CO

Ian Tweedie says:

Hi KirkA fine presentation ! May I ask how far you were hitting the 6 iron?ThanksIan Scotland

92 PUCAS says:

Hi Kirk,
2. Just to be clear – I mean why the club face is positioned apprx. 4-8 cm behind the ball at address?

92 PUCAS says:

Hi Kirk,
1. Thanks for the interesting videos, which really do make sense.
2. I have not been able to understand why the club sits so far away from the ball at set up, could you clear this question for me?
Many thanks.

past the breakers says:

Excellent Video, Thanks.

dano11000 says:

can you tell me how to stop lifting my arms right elbow on backswing ,,I struggle to get my shaft passing thru my right bicep on way down tends to come bit steep ,,,is there any drills to get outta this

Thierry Bechard says:

Great video Kirk. I just heard about Moe Norman last night. I went to the range today and tried it out. I downloaded the small ebook from moenormangolf.com and tried to apply what I saw in the book. It was catastrophic. I couldn't hit one ball properly. Lots of tops or the ball flying off 45% to the right. Not one clean strike. I desperately want to learn this swing. Any idea why this is happening? I'm 6ft5. To keep my arms straight with the shaft I stood much further than I'm normally do and more bent over. Should I perhaps bring the ball closer and straighten my back a bit more? Any tips are most welcome.

Mark Sherer says:

The vidios you recommend are great, Todd Graves gets you into the Moe Norman mode, but as good as the Graves DVDs are I would tell anyone a Private lesson with a single plane instructor after working some with the DVDs is GOLD…..

Andy M says:

Did you get your lie angles adjusted to be more upright Kirk ?

El Casa de Caca says:

From what I've been seeing, the single plane golf swing is very similar to swinging a ball bat, correct?

desertsun100 says:

Was Moes swing an in to out swing?

moreme40 says:

I'm anxious to try this. Is it necessary to place the clubface several inches behind the ball before beginning the backswing ?

Mark Sherer says:

Been using this type swing since November…used DVD's and one private lesson from a Graves Academy instructor.  Today played an afternoon round by myself, Marshal came over to second tee and wanted to know how I hit my Driver so straight and long (Over 65, so 250 seems long to some of us) on first hole..  I showed him my copy of Norman swing and we talked for awhile.  He had to have the information about the Graves Academy before I left….My tip for him was buy the Graves DVD, work with it awhile and when you start seeing it work take a private lesson from a Graves Instructor who will put everything in proper place for you. Swing works period.

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