Mental Golf Tips – First Tee Jitters. Tracy’s two minute golf brain tips

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Mental golf tips will help you play your best golf. Your golf brain is often trained to focus on the things that you are most worried about. And if you focus on it, such as the the people watching you on the first tee, it will expand in your golf mind and you will undoubtedly hit the ball with tension in our body. Watch this video to learn how to retrain your golf mind to focus on the target and not focus on those people watching you tee off.. Golf instruction is often about technique only, in this two minute mental golf tip video you will learn how to re-train your golf brain so that you can play your best golf and lower your handicap.
Read how to retrain your golf brain by downloading and reading or listening to “Golf Mind Play: How to outsmart your brain to play your best golf”. And if you are a keen match play golfer then you will be wanting to discover the tips and secrets to great golf match play by reading my latest book “Mind Play for Match Play: How to outsmart your opponent in head to head golf” This new book will teach you all the match play mental golf strategies you need to know to have you winning your club championship, foursomes or pennants match play event. You can also download a free tip mental golf tip sheet on the golf mind play website. Download the ebook or audio book at or call Tracy for 1-1 golf mind coaching or a mental golf and brain training presentation at your golf club. Call today and get your brain in the right place when you are on the golf course.


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