MixMaster Golf Presents: Sergio Garcia’s Round 4 at Royal Troon Golf Course

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Come and walk along with Sergio Garcia as he plays his 4th round of the Open Championship, held at Royal Troon Golf Course, Scotland UK.

Sergio has a very good front 9 making 3 birdies and going out in 33. However a difficult and lengthy back 9 causes 2 bogeys and emotional turmoil for our passionate Spaniard. Tune in and watch how Sergio navigates and contains his slightly errant swings as well as his emotions.


Matthew Craze says:

Really nice to watch, not enjoying the overriding commentary though. Annoying

Adrian Lam says:

Please do this for Stenson's legendary round! Great Channel.

Lewis1ck says:

Why does it sound like there are multiple people speaking at once?

Erik Kullgren says:

This is great! Love to follow one player alone! For upcoming videos, please consider Rory's rounds! 🙂

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