Moe Norman golf swing analysis video (DL view) See the best Single Plane swing

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Here is an analysis of Moe Norman’s golf swing from the down the line view from a golf pro who filmed him in 2001. There is one iron shot, and one fairway wood shot. The iron shot has a camera angle that is not perfect for such an analysis, and I will choose a better angle for the next video. It skews the viewpoint relative to the swing plane somewhat. The fairway wood shot is a somewhat better angle. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the video, and check out my other Moe videos.

Kirk Junge was a Natural Golf certified instructor from 1998 to 2007, and was responsible for answering over 3000 customer questions in the company’s website forum. He is also familiar with many other single plane (single axis) golf swing systems including IMA golf, Big Grip Golf (BGG golf), and the Heard Super Swing (HSS Golf) He also invented the Minimalist Single Plane Golf swing, which is similar to the Stack and Tilt golf swing with a Single Plane setup.

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Dor D says:

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P SMITH says:

I always wondered why Mo didn't swing on the same 'impact' plane in the backswing. I guess because it was too flat and mean't having to turn the hips more which can cause all sorts of extra angles (ie. front knee pulling in which can impact pelvis angle and then the spine, etc etc). Also one would need to fold and hinge the rear arm more and also restrict the width of the backswing. So it seems he restricted his hip turn and swung his arms on a more upright plane to get a fuller width and a little more coil feeling in his left shoulder. But  IMHO I think the key to mastering this swing is knowing when to stop lifting those hands in the backswing by doing a little temporary lateral shift (before the re-rotation of the hips), create a little secondary tilt and a flatter plane (= impact plane ), by the dropping and leading of the elbow to the right side + keeping the concave angle between the back of the right hand and forearm. Basically recreating a similar feeling to skipping a stone but ensuring the body is square to target as you start the 'skip'. I could be drastically wrong but I can't think of any other reason why his backswing would be so steep.

Lea Pustetto says:

was his feet a little open or square kirk

Andrew Wiggins says:

Hi Kirk and viewers – at 0:47 it looks like Moe is coming down on the  inside because the club is to the left of the red line  –  you say he's coming down perfectly on plane – can u pls elaborate?

maxxsee says:

Nice little analysis there Kirk! I think the last view is a bit left of his swingplane since he always stood a bit closed with longer clubs right? 
I think the reason he took it inside a bit is because that's how the body moves in a natural takeaway with arms completely relaxed. If you take it straight out on plane I do not believe that would be natural.

nomoyoyo says:

Thanks for posting these videos.. Moe was one of the true greats of the game.

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