Moe Norman – importance of a wide stance – top golf video – Perfect golf swing

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Moe Norman shows why he believed that a wide stance is better in hitting perfect golf shots.

This video comes from the two part video also posted here on youtube. Which is from the 1994 PGA coaching and teaching conference where Moe Norman was interviewed as part of the ceremony acknowledging him as the “greatest ball striker” of all time. Craig Shankland was the interviewer and ask Moe many questions about his golf swing. It is a great question and answer video.

Many of Moe’s answers in this video seem to be influenced by his connection with Natural Golf, and Jack Kuykendahl as Moe demonstrated a palm ten finger grip which he did not use earlier in his golf career.

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Ashton H says:

This guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) presented me Golf swing lessons. They make a custom model based on your arm length, height, shoulder width, club length, and so forth. The lessons have been unbelievably helpful, enabling me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 in the last year.

PeterDad60 says:

I'm learning from Moe. I like his way of playing golf.

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